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I am a Speech Pathologist with extensive experience across a broad range of service areas.

I received a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from Newcastle University in 1998. My work experience includes:

  • disability services
  • primary health including community-based rehabilitation, stroke and degenerative neurological disease
  • acute care including intensive care, neurosurgery, neurology, inpatient rehabilitation, aged care, respiratory
  • clinical governance

Service values

  • I will strive to work with you to identify goals that are relevant and meaningful to you
  • I aim to be flexible, efficient and responsive to change
  • I want to support you to live your best life
  • I constantly review the services provided to ensure that I maintain the quality of the services offered
  • I am committed to lifelong learning and continuous professional development
  • I work in collaboration with other service providers when and where appropriate.
  • All services provided are confidential and evidence based.

I am a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia. I am a registered NDIS provider.

I have a wealth of clinical experience combined with a sound understanding of clinical governance processes.

I work with people who have difficulty with communication or difficulty swallowing (also called dysphagia).

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